Living isn't a simple thing... for me

Nothing gold can stay.

6/4/13 - 12:34 a.m.
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Chris moved in. Really, we've been living together since December, but now, we've reorganized the condo a but, bought a couple things, and all our stuff is under one roof. It's our home. It's delectable.

So that contract we might have gotten in Houston? We got it. Chris flew out there three days before I did, and shit was that an ordeal. We got rid of half the management staff there, and I ended up getting the top spot there. I was offered the position for keeps, too, at $70k, but me and Chris aren't Texas-type people. We just got back in the last couple weeks, and I have no faith in shag we left, but that's not my call right now.

Erika's boyfriend is slowly bleeding her soul dry. My mom is boring herself to death. I'm reading professional self-improvement books making me feel like the most intelligent person in the world.

I'm tired.

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